Every product has a story to tell;
Let's capture images that sell.

What’s included for Professional Package?

  1. 20(twenty) High Resolution Images
  2. Photo Retouching Services
  3. Use of Professional Camera and Lighting

Available Commercial Photography Services:

  1. Creative Concept Photography
  2. 360° Product Photography
  3. Jewelry Photography
  4. Bottle Photography
  1. Food Photography
  2. Industrial Product Photography
  3. Interior & Architectural Photography

What’s you can do with High Resolution Images?

  1. Eye-popping Print
  2. Brochures
  3. Catalogues
  4. Corporate Website
  1. Ecommerce or Online Stores
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Newsletter
  4. More (for any purpose you want, forever)

Extended Portfolio • My work samples available for viewing on Flickr:

Top Rated Seller


Creative Director

Hi, I’m a Graphic Designer, Website Developer and Commercial Photographer with more than 8 years experience in the related fields, I am very confidence to provide you the best solution for your business.

Package Cost Delivery Time
Professional USD750 or RM3,000 10 business days
+ Package Extras Cost Additional Delivery Time
Onsite Photography West Malaysia USD125 or RM500 -
Onsite Photography East Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore USD250 or RM1,000 -


* Need additional service? Contact me for custom offer.

What we needed after placing an order:

  1. Ship your products to our studio
  2. 2(two) items for each product


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Commercial Photography

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