On the Internet, nothing is as powerful as a premium domain name. Premium domain names are short, memorable, containing common word sand indispensable in today’s competitive online business world.

Your domain just like your business postal address. A premium domain will boost your web presence and drives traffic to your website.


Domain Name Length Registered Date Pricing
CoffeeAge.com 9 May 18, 2014 USD300 or RM1,200
DeLover.com 7 Jun 1, 2014 USD1,500 or RM6,000
DeLuxurie.com 9 Apr 26, 2014 USD500 or RM2,000
DomainForwarder.com 15 Feb 20, 2016 USD350 or RM1,400
Enjoy.lol 5 Oct 31, 2016 USD500 or RM2,000
HalalBrunei.com 11 Aug 21, 2017 USD1,000 or RM4,000
HalalDubai.com 10 July 6, 2015 USD2,500 or RM10,000
Iuich.com 5 Apr 29, 2014 USD350 or RM1,400
KnowledgeBase.link 13 Jan 14, 2017 USD1,200 or RM4,800
Kud.me 3 Jul 25, 2015 USD350 or RM1,400
Limze.com 5 Jul 24, 2015 USD300 or RM1,200
Mockup.link 6 Oct 22, 2017 USD350 or RM1,400
MyProfile.link 9 Dec 31, 2015 USD300 or RM1,200
OfferForToday.com 13 Dec 31, 2013 USD350 or RM1,400
OnMe.co 4 Dec 29, 2016 USD350 or RM1,400
Referr.link 6 Oct 22, 2017 USD350 or RM1,400
RefNote.com 7 March 15, 2017 USD1,500 or RM6,000
Telco.world 5 Apr 17, 2016 USD500 or RM2,000
Till.us 4 Apr 2, 2016 USD350 or RM1,400
Viupa.com 5 Jan 31, 2016 USD250 or RM1,000


Immediate Presence

A simple domain name is a powerful branding tool, easy to recall and can be instantly associated with your products or services.

Potential Traffic

Customers who are unfamiliar with your business will be directed to your site with the premium domain name that you acquired.

Search Results

The more basic and identifiable domain name is more likely to be ranked higher in the search results of search engine.

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